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Reflections on my mentoring and coaching experience

By Adam / a couple of days ago

I have been working with traders now for over 5 years. In that time, I have experienced incredible highs as well as lows. Today, I am going to write about some of those experiences. Every single person I have coached had a great desire to become successful in this business, some were attracted to the […]

Mini-DAX Futures: Trading Strategies with Dan Gramza

By Adam / a couple of days ago

In today’s global economy, diversification now means exposure to international markets. Many opportunities for global diversification exist with one of the most versatile instruments being Mini-DAX Futures (FDXM). In the video tutorial below, watch Dan Gramza, President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc., introduce how traders can use Mini-DAX Futures as a gateway to the German […]

E-Mini S&P Futures Test Major Support

By Adam / a few days ago

E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES) may be approaching a major level of support. On a daily chart looking back to the start of 2016, these volatile sell offs do not appear as intense as they seem in the moment. Viewing historical price activity helps to gain a greater perspective of the strong uptrend the markets […]

US Stocks Lower Ahead of Inflation Data

By Adam / a few days ago

US Equity Index Futures (ES, NQ, YM) are down Wednesday morning on concerns of reduced global growth. Investors eagerly anticipate the US Labor Department’s Producer Price Index (PPI) report which is likely to report a September rise of 0.2%. This would follow August’s unexpected drop in a report closely watches as a measure of inflation. […]

Bitcoin Pumps Up the Volume This Summer

By Adam / 5 days ago

Bitcoin Futures (BTC) volume saw a dramatic jump from June to July 2018 which could mean that BTC Futures are gaining some traction within the trading community. Added to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) list of futures products in December 2017, Bitcoin is considered the most dominant cryptocurrency in the global market. Introduction of Bitcoin […]

Unemployment Rate Expected to Reach Historic Lows

By Adam / last week

Signs of further tightening in the labor market and an additional drop in the jobless rate to 3.8% are both expectations for the upcoming September employment report. ADP reported strong employment increases in nearly every private sector Wednesday morning tallying an additional 230,000 jobs created in September. Although growth was spread across companies of all […]

Natural Gas Futures Heat Up

By Adam / last week

Starting in mid-September, Natural Gas Futures market have been on an upward swing and are now hitting prices not visited since early 2018. Traders will now have to determine whether this is a short-term move or sustained trend. Yesterday, Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures (NG) closed at $3.09 and buyers have returned this morning. With […]

Tech-Heavy Nasdaq Set for Record Close

By Adam / a couple of weeks ago

Nasdaq 100 Futures are set for a record high close as the US technological index rallies. Joined by other major US equity index futures such as Dow (YM) and S&P 500 (ES), the US equity market as a whole is pointing to a green finish. Leading the pack in the Nasdaq 100 is tech giant […]

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