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Holiday Reminder – Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019

By Adam / 12 hours ago

Monday, January 21st is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Trading times for many products will change in observance of the holiday. For details, please visit the CME Group Holiday Calendar. For up-to-date information on contract expirations, roll dates, news announcements & more, visit and bookmark the NinjaTrader Trade Desk Calendar! The post Holiday Reminder – […]

US Markets Pulled Down by Earnings & Global Matters

By Adam / yesterday

US equity futures moved lower Thursday morning on earnings reports which could end a two-day climb for the major indices. The ongoing government shutdown and other global concerns are also important factors in the current market outlook. Morgan Stanley (MS) missed their earnings estimate by 9 cents, reporting a quarterly profit of 80 cents per […]

February 2019 Crude Oil Futures Roll Date

By Adam / yesterday

Tuesday, January 22nd marks the Last Trade Date for the February 2019 Crude Oil Futures Contract. Active CL traders can roll to the March 2019 contract as early as Friday, January 18th, before the open. Standard trade execution fees & commissions apply. For up-to-date information on contract expirations, roll dates, news announcements & more, visit […]

Futures Options

By Adam / a couple of days ago

Contents: Reducing Risk Swing Trading @ smaller cost Day Trading without PDT Market Profile Strategy & Options Futures trading is unlike any other instrument to trade. Very high leverage and sometimes high costs of trading futures contracts can be intimidating if you are not sure how to correctly approach these markets. Options are an attractive […]

C# Scripting Tip: How to Use the Print() Method in NinjaTrader

By Adam / a few days ago

NinjaTrader’s comprehensive development environment empowers traders to build rich and integrated apps. Utilizing a C# based trading framework, developers can access balances & positions, orders & executions, real time & historical data, and much more. What is the Print() Method? The Print Method is used by developers of all levels to better understand the data […]

New Trading Indicators to Expand Your Technical Analysis

By Adam / a few days ago

The award-winning NinjaTrader platform empowers traders with numerous FREE advanced technical analysis tools for futures, stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. As traders search for new and innovative ways to evaluate the markets, the NinjaTrader development team continues to add powerful charting analysis tools. In our ongoing effort to expand our comprehensive toolset, six new indicators were […]

Use Open Interest to Measure Trend Strength

By Adam / last week

Open interest is defined as the total number of contracts for a particular futures instrument which are outstanding at a given time. According to David L. Scott in his book Wall Street Words, “A large open interest indicates more activity and liquidity for the contract.” The term open interest most commonly refers to the futures […]

Use Volumetric Bars to Track Buyers & Sellers & See Order Flow Imbalance

By Adam / last week

Volumetric bars equip traders with a detailed “x-ray” view into the aggressive buying and selling activity of each price bar. Included with NinjaTrader’s Order Flow + suite of premium features, volumetric bars provide a tick by tick footprint style visualization which can help identify order flow imbalance. Why Use Volumetric Bars? Volumetric bars calculate the […]

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